Friday, February 1, 2008

Long time no see (seafood dinner)

Hello everyone :D

Long time no see! Too many stuff happen and just haven't have the heart to update my blog.....but i will try to update it more!

Michael have been coming up for dinner quite often lately (well .. like everyday) lol .... So we've been eating great stuff.... We've have had a few seafood dinner :D (pictures from DIFFERENT days :D )

Lemon pan fried Salmon

Boiled shrimp with soya sauce and Ginger + Green onions Lobster

Black bean and garlic sauce muscle
Steam Fish ..yumm!!
Sushi from All you can eat Japanese food

All made by , me ^^ (well Michael partially)..silly pics to follow ....
me and sandra pretty :D

Michael.. u look ok lol

Eating my fav. :D

All recipe made up by us... or follow what our mother had taught us... im proud of my cooking :D

Thanks to all these food, i have gain a bunch of weight :p .. I need to start watching what i eat! (ya right! lol)


Mrs.ThePoint said...

新年快樂. 萬事如意歐

Clifffff...! said...

i feel bad for the fish..
being kissed by everyone...:(