Friday, February 24, 2012

Its been 4 years

I do wonder if anyone reads this blog anymore ......

I have been cooking lots again lately and would like to share my photos...for my future reference when I donno what to cook or for those who is reading this blog, just to give u some idea on what to cook for dinner :D
I do wonder if anyone reads this blog anymore ......

I have been cooking lots again lately and would like to share my photos...for my future reference when I donno what to cook or for those who is reading this blog, just to give u some idea on what to cook for dinner :D

Valentines day dinner with steak, mash potatoes, mushrooms and cherry tomato, parsley balsamic vinegar salad
Pork chop, veggie, Mushroom dinner.
Home made poutine

Decided to organize the freezer so I can cook maybe once a week kind of thing

Korean Pork Bone Soup, Home made

Pancakes ~ not fluffy enough so trying another recipe

Cold noodles with fish
shirataki 芋絲 and tobiko 飛魚子 a little soysauce and sesame oil

Korean bolgugi with chinese taste haha, added salmon to this rice
Fried chicken wings with steak spice,and i tell you steak spice go on everything

Thats it for now :D if anyone want recipe for any of the above let me know!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Once in a blue moon blog...

Hi everyone... miss me ? no right :( haha

just wanna post some pictures up, recipe will be up soon ...

just an update... been busy working 2 out of my 3 jobs.... researching and searching for resources for one of them .... been busy dealing with my health .. sigh :p

anyways ... i miss typing this blog for sure!

Wanna share with you guys just this sudden feeling i have.... We've planted few eatible stuff in my backyard , hehe , it feels great to just step out to ur backyard to get what you need for cooking :p it really does!

anywho .... i move home and havent really been in the kitchen since..... u know how moms are.... they dont let u touch their kitchen .. so i have just been the helper..... :p mom and i will never get along on our cooking methods and ways ....

anywho .. enough talking.... here are the two beautiful things we've made together! the dessert is still in the freezer freezing so :p
blogger or is it just my computer having problem uploading pics ? oh well .. . guess they have to wait until next time :p

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mango mousse cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always wanted to make this since... forever ? I finally made up a recipe for this and im soooooo proud of myself lol

Ingredients : (yes i use a lot of store bought stuff cuz im lazy)

Make sure you have a deep pan because its at least 3 layers. It would help if you have two pan that are the same shape too.

-A pack of cake mix
- Eggs - Milk or water - Vegetable oil
-A pack of Robinson Mango Jello Mix
- Boiling Water
-Cold Water
-A pack of Robinson Mango Pudding mix
-Boiling Water
- Half a cup of mango,slice in small pieces
-500mL of 35% whipping cream


1. Follow the instruction on cake mix with the amount of ingredients needed,bake it according to directions in pan 1. (tip:put wax paper at the bottom of the pan for a easy lifting of cake and clean up.

2. Follow the instruction for jello. Pour it at the bottom of pan 2. Refrigerate till solid.

3. Beat whipping cream until creamy. Scoop 1/3 for later use.

4. Follow the instruction for pudding, only add 1/3 of the amount of water they instruct you to.

5. Fold pudding mixture into whipping cream, and add slice mango

6. Spread whipping cream mixture onto solid jello , refrigerate until firm

7. cut a thin layer of the cake, lay it on top of the firm whipping cream mixture

8. Repeat step if trying to create multi-layer cake

9. Flip the pan over a plate and decorate with whipping cream, fruit.

10 (optional) for a nice wrinkly surface, scoop the jello off the pan instead of having it at the bottom of the pan and lay on top of the whipping cream mixture afterwards.

Happy belated birthday to Y!
Happy birthday to all the april birthdays including:(so many of you)
anyone else ?!

Friday, March 21, 2008

sushi night

We made Tobiko (small orange flying fish roe), maki with shinko ,crab meat,and tobiko, also made ebi(shrimp) and ika (squid) sushis. yum yum yum!

shrimp ~ put a toothpick in the middle of the shrimp before boiling. Boil for about 5 minutes.
shinko ~store bought :D

Me ~with my fav. sushi ingredients of all time~tobiko!!!!!

The chefs ~ Sandra my roommates & her bf michael ..thank you!!!!!

Preparation~Tips~ cover that wood sushi rolling thingy (can be bought anywhere these days) with plastic wraps, make sure u have a bowl of water handy so your hands won't get sticky with rice !

Only put that much rice on the seaweed because u dont want it to burst! Then add the other ingredients and roll it away! Make sure you press it firmly!

cut + serve! for the maki!!!!!! for the other ones .... well .. i still havent got it hands on yet.. so ....tutorial might come later lol!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hi everyone!!!!

What's up ? Its me Minnie again :D I know a lot of u (or just a few maybe) miss me a lot... i miss you guys!

Work has be 5 days last week and 6 days the week before... hoping this week wont be as much work load! Trying to save my weekend for cooking..... I've actually just been exercising a lot to get in shape (not loose weight, get in shape) to show u what i mean..this dress perfectly show my big tummy like I am pregnant (I swear i am not!!!! )

My house ... has been invaded! AHHH by lemon tea.... i surrounded to the attack and start drinking too much of it tho :p that doesnt help my fat tummy

uh huh ..... ok .... enough with the sily pictures...... lets show some food pics.... got people over for dinner on saturday.... cooking for others is always fun :D I also feel so fullfill afterwards!! Here are some pics.... recipes of new inventions, and others will be up shortly! thanks for waiting patiently ! Love you all!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Long time no see (seafood dinner)

Hello everyone :D

Long time no see! Too many stuff happen and just haven't have the heart to update my blog.....but i will try to update it more!

Michael have been coming up for dinner quite often lately (well .. like everyday) lol .... So we've been eating great stuff.... We've have had a few seafood dinner :D (pictures from DIFFERENT days :D )

Lemon pan fried Salmon

Boiled shrimp with soya sauce and Ginger + Green onions Lobster

Black bean and garlic sauce muscle
Steam Fish ..yumm!!
Sushi from All you can eat Japanese food

All made by , me ^^ (well Michael partially)..silly pics to follow ....
me and sandra pretty :D

Michael.. u look ok lol

Eating my fav. :D

All recipe made up by us... or follow what our mother had taught us... im proud of my cooking :D

Thanks to all these food, i have gain a bunch of weight :p .. I need to start watching what i eat! (ya right! lol)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Seafood chowder

recipe idea + cream base@

This recipe makes two servings
-3 tbs of vegetable oil
-3 tbs of flour
- 1 can of campbell chicken broth
-1/2 cup evaporating milk
-1 tbs of mash potato mix or 1 small potato , boiled, and diced into small cubes
-1 tuna size can of sea clams , drain, boiled before adding to soup with salt if you like
- 2 stocks of crab meat, defrozed, shredded
- 1/4 cup of diced squid
- 1/4 cup of small shrimp,peeled and washed
-salt and pepper to taste
-water if its necessary to make it thiner

I was originally going to make cream of corn , or try to make cream of corn, only to figure out that theres no corn in my house :p So i found whatever in my house and add to the creamy base. I also ran out of butter so used vegetable fine ^^
1. Add the vegetable oil into a medium size saucer pan, gradually add flour, mix well
2. Add evaporating milk , then the chicken broth, stir well
3. Add the mash potato mix or the potatoes, stir.
4. Add all the seafood. Add water and/or evaporating milk if its too thick. Season with salt and pepper