Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hi everyone!!!!

What's up ? Its me Minnie again :D I know a lot of u (or just a few maybe) miss me a lot... i miss you guys!

Work has be insane....work 5 days last week and 6 days the week before... hoping this week wont be as much work load! Trying to save my weekend for cooking..... I've actually just been exercising a lot to get in shape (not loose weight, get in shape) to show u what i mean..this dress perfectly show my big tummy like I am pregnant (I swear i am not!!!! )

My house ... has been invaded! AHHH by lemon tea.... i surrounded to the attack and start drinking too much of it tho :p that doesnt help my fat tummy

uh huh ..... ok .... enough with the sily pictures...... lets show some food pics.... got people over for dinner on saturday.... cooking for others is always fun :D I also feel so fullfill afterwards!! Here are some pics.... recipes of new inventions, and others will be up shortly! thanks for waiting patiently ! Love you all!

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