Friday, July 11, 2008

Once in a blue moon blog...

Hi everyone... miss me ? no right :( haha

just wanna post some pictures up, recipe will be up soon ...

just an update... been busy working 2 out of my 3 jobs.... researching and searching for resources for one of them .... been busy dealing with my health .. sigh :p

anyways ... i miss typing this blog for sure!

Wanna share with you guys just this sudden feeling i have.... We've planted few eatible stuff in my backyard , hehe , it feels great to just step out to ur backyard to get what you need for cooking :p it really does!

anywho .... i move home and havent really been in the kitchen since..... u know how moms are.... they dont let u touch their kitchen .. so i have just been the helper..... :p mom and i will never get along on our cooking methods and ways ....

anywho .. enough talking.... here are the two beautiful things we've made together! the dessert is still in the freezer freezing so :p
blogger or is it just my computer having problem uploading pics ? oh well .. . guess they have to wait until next time :p

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